Skara Cathedral

Skara Cathedral is often popularly referred to as “Skara’s pants”, owing to the shape of the two mighty towers formerly resembling a pair of pants. It dates from the 11th century and boasts magnificent architecture – a must-see attraction when in Skara.

The cathedral is dedicated to Saint Maria and is the oldest cathedral in Sweden. It houses a mediaeval crypt and a treasury with several unique items. The stained glass windows depicting tales from the Bible are by Bo Beskow.

The cathedral has around 470 seats and can accommodate roughly 750 people.

For current programme, click here Skara Cathedral

Västergötland Museum

Västergötland Museum and Fornbyn (open-air museum) – a vibrant museum reflecting the development of the landscape over tens of thousands of years, with unique collections of historical objects and dynamic exhibitions for all ages. Find out more here. Västergötland Museum

The veterinary museum

The veterinary museum at the heart of the campus of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences once housed the very first veterinary school in the country. It’s the only museum of its kind. Find out more here. Veterinary museum Veterinärmuseet

Varnhem Abbey – Kata Gård

I At Varnhem, just over 10 km east of Skara, you will find Varnhem Abbey with its royal tombs, Ryttargården, the Abbey museum and Kata Gård, the site of one of the very first churches to be constructed in the country . The site takes its name from Kata, who was in charge of this large farmstead during the latter part of the Viking era – her skeleton was unearthed during excavations of the site.

Find out more about Varnhem here Varnhem Abbey.

Skara Sommarland

Discover Skara Sommarland, Scandinavia’s largest water park for the whole family.

Visit the website for more info on opening times and adventures HÄR.

Hiking in beautiful Valle

Enjoy a wonderful nature experience in picturesque Valle. A hike packed with echoes of the past and green surprises, with stretches suitable for all ages. Towards the slopes of Billingen Mountain in the east the inland ice has left behind the distinctive Valle region, a gentle, rolling kame landscape dotted with lakes. The hiking trails in Valle run through meadows, pastures and fields, and broad-leaved woodland, with views over an abundance of lakes, ensuring a fantastic nature experience whatever time of year you choose to visit.

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Find out more about the Valle region here.

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Dancing cranes

The first cranes begin arriving in mid March. They stop off at Lake Hornborgasjön on their way north, where they will subsequently go to breed. Most of the cranes are here by early April.

You can hear them calling from a long way off; it’s a distinctive sound. They prefer the southern end of the lake and the area is well set up to cater for visitors who want to watch the dancing cranes.


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